The Board

By joining the full time or part time board in your local AIESEC office you will get the chance to develop yourself by taking up your own practical leadership experience. Work with us to engage more people in our exchange programs, increase our global impact and challenge yourself.


As an AIESEC Board member you assume responsibility over personal projects, work intensively with your team and accelerate your personal growth. We do this by providing you with the tools, trainings and support that empower you to discover and explore your own potential.


Accelerate your growth

Take charge of your personal growth by setting goals, obtaining new skills and discovering your strengths and potential.

Global Mindset

Build a national and international network of ambitious young people and get in touch with many interesting companies.

Expand your Network

Develop a global mindset, explore the world and discover what matters to you.

Enjoy Participation

Have an amazing year full of events, activities, friends and fun… Enjoy the ride!



Local Committee President

The Local Committe President (LCP) has the final responsibility for the functioning of the Local Committee.

Local Committee Vice President

The Vice President is primarily responsible for the financial control of the Local AIESEC Committee. As a VP you are also in close contact with the advisory board and together with the president you share the final responsibility of the organisation


As a coordinator you coordinate one of the teams, for example Incoming Exchange or Outgoing Exchange. In this role you are responsible for the functioning of your team.


Account Manager

Almost all the AIESEC teams have an Account Manager. The Account Manager is responsible for, for example customer relationship management or the reception and integration of international trainees

External Relations Manager

Within a team the External Relations Manager is responsible for building strong relationships with outside constituencies and raise understanding of the influence that AIESEC has on the development of students.

Online Marketing Manager

The Online Marketing Manager is responsible for all the online channels, ranging from Facebook to Youtube or Linkedin. In this position you have a lot of freedom to think of creative and innovative ways to promote AIESEC online.


Acquisition Manager

As an Acquisition Manager you are responsible for raising high quality internships. This means you come in contact with a lot of different companies. This functions provides great opportunities to extent your network

Preparation and Reintegration Manager

As a preparation & reintegration manager you  are responsible for the conscious leadership development of students who want go abroad on a Global Internship Program or a Global Community Development program. You organize a Preparation Seminar with other cities and takes care of a good reintegration when the students come back.

Marketing Manager

The Marketing Manager is responsible for successful  marketing the AIESEC programs. In this role you are completely free to think of new innovative ways to promote AIESEC.

Want more information about the available board positions in your city? Download the pdf. 


Doing a board position in AIESEC gave me the opportunity to work and develop myself in a professional and international environment. Besides the loads of fun, you are continuously challenging yourself and constantly aiming to get the best out of yourself. It has been a wonderful experience to be part of such an international and motivated team!

Nadine Malten, Social Media Manager


From the first day, I have been given the responsibility to represent AIESEC at networking events and in personal meetings developing my sales and social skills. In this I got the freedom to create my own learning year, and was stimulated to be creative to accomplish results through inventive initiatives.

Zinna Reelick, Acquisition Manager


What is the duration of a board position?

Most of the board positions or for one year but in some cases we also offer board positions for six months.

Can I combine a board position with my studies?

A part-time position takes around 15 hours a week so it’s no problem to combine it with your studies. A full-time position takes more time.

What is the selection procedure?

The selection procedure is city specific, therefore we refer you the PDF which can be downloaded on this page.

How can I apply?

Application procedures are city specific. All details are given in the pdf that can be downloaded from this page.

When can I apply?

There are two recruitment periods: April till May and November-December.

What are the requirements for applying for a board position?

You should be an academic student.

Want more information about the available board positions in your city? Download the pdf.