LinkedIn: 6 tips to stand out from the crowd as a young professional

More and more students are active on LinkedIn, we are actually their strongest growing demographic. This means that it’s more important than ever to make a profile that stands out and helps you with getting hired at that dream job or traineeship. Since 92% of the companies is hiring via LinkedIn, here are some tips on how to make your profile stand out:

  1. Use a professional photo
    As obvious as it might seem, it’s shocking how many LinkedIn members don’t have a profile picture. Adding a picture does not only make your profile more alive, it also results in 14 times as many views! Try to make a photo in a clothing style that suits you, with a neutral background. Don’t use your shirtless holiday pictures!
  1. Show your key skills in your headline
    The first thing recruiters will look at is your headline. The safest bet is to fill in your job title and company here. Your headline is also a great way to make your profile searchable. So try to put some of your key skills in there on which you want to be found (for example; speaker, author or strategy consultant).
  1. Customize your URL
    This is also about being searchable, you want people to find you when they type in your name on Google. Luckily, it’s very easy to change your URL. When you are on the LinkedIn website, follow these steps:
  • Hover your mouse over the word ‘Profile’ in the top left
  • Click edit profile
  • Click on the wheel next to your URL (it is shown just below your profile picture)
  • Change it to something searchable (preferably just your first and last name)


  1. Write an engaging summary
    Although there are a lot of different opinions about what a good summary is, all the experts agree that having one is essential for a good profile. We believe an engaging summary showcases your personality, without being unprofessional. Highlight your key accomplishments and show what your passionate about it. Check out this link if you need some examples!
  1. Show that you are not just about money
    LinkedIn gives you an option to add volunteering experience on your profile, and it’s very wise to do this. One of LinkedIn’s survey reports concludes that 41% of professionals consider voluntary work just as much as paid work when they are evaluating candidates. Furthermore, 20% of hiring managers said they actually gave a job based on a candidate’s volunteer work experiences. So if you have already done some volunteer work, put it on your profile! If you haven’t, then it might be a good idea do to some after your studies or during a summer break. An AIESEC Global Volunteer project, for example, could give your LinkedIn profile a serious boost! Check this out for more information.

Doing volunteer work is a great way to show your social involvement and international mindset.

  1. Expand your world
    Last but not least, in these times full of international career opportunities, we recommend to showcase your global mindset online. Many CEO’s and recruiters are emphasizing the importance of finding people with international experience, and are actively searching for them. Oliver Watson, a managing director at Michael Page, says it is worth a great deal: “Companies are operating over so many international boundaries, so the more languages and experience with different cultures you can bring to a company, the more you can help expand its global reach.” Peter Lacy, managing director of strategy at Accenture, adds to this point: “Our clients increasingly operate seamlessly across borders. Our people need to be able to do the same, that mindset comes from being exposed to new business cultures and experiences that come with international placements.”If you have already developed this international skillset, make sure to show it online! If you however still want to develop this, it might be very useful (and fun) to go on a traineeship abroad. AIESEC offers these experiences fully focused on your development through a Global Talent internship.  Check this out for more information.