Nominee Lieke van der Loo

Project Move Nepal

I strongly believe that creativity is the shortcut to happiness and that space and time for creativity should be available for everyone. This was my main motivation to start my project Move Nepal. After my AIESEC EB year (function VP FER) I left for Nepal for seven weeks in order to give dance classes and trainings. Nepal is facing a lot of poverty and due the earthquake of 2015 many people lost their houses, schools and family.

Because of this, many children don’t have the possibility to express themselves creatively and to forget their problems.

I have traveled through the country while teaching dance at different places: e.g. at local primary and dance schools and open squares.

During my time in Nepal, I facilitated trainings on vision and goal setting for local volunteers and members of the local AIESEC offices.

I gave my project a more in-depth focus by drawing attention to the current situation of Nepal after the earthquake by organizing a crowdfunding campaign. I managed to collect €1.200,- for facilitating my classes/trainings and to invest in a local sustainable project.

Because my travels fulfilled me so much, I’m now linking the opportunities that I’ve had together with AIESEC Utrecht to bring more students to Nepal. Furthermore, I’m trying to link the local organizations I got in contact with to AIESEC Nepal to start up a meaningful collaboration.