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Do you want to face the world?

AIESEC is your stairway to an incredible network all around the world.


In today’s world where your daily cup of coffee is probably imported from South America, your clothes are likely made in Asia and your classmate is an exchange student from the United States, having international experience as a student is almost inevitable.

You will either earn your money in Russian rubles, eat Chinese take away in Beijing or dance salsa in Argentina. It is a self-discovery experience and a way of sensing the uniqueness and variety of the world. We invite you to face the world together with AIESEC

Internships & Opportunities

Internships & Projects

Do you want to live in another country, become part of a different culture and discover yourself and the world? Then an AIESEC internship or project can be your way to obtain these aims.

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Special Programs

Are ready to experience a great time abroad? Your city might have a partnership with local committees abroad or NGOs to create a special program in the interest of the students in your city.

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AIESEC Board Positions

AIESEC is looking for active students who are interested in fullfilling a board position within AIESEC. You can develop yourself in different areas within a professional, motivating and international environment.

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